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Other Services


Our team work with individuals one to one to help them determine items they want to keep and others they may want throw away, give away or sell. We understand that some items may have too much sentimental value for our clients, for these items, we help group, organise, label and implement a storage system that works for the specific area.

Deceased Estates

We know just how overwhelming it can be being responsible for a deceased estate. Our experienced and compassionate team work with individuals and executors to organise, sort and declutter deceased estates, this includes sorting, grouping and organising all personal items family and friends may want to keep and others they may want give away or sell, organising removalists, rubbish removal and vacate cleaning.

Selling preloved items

We know that once you have sorted and decluttered, there is also the challenge of getting items out of your home or workplace. Our team of professionals will work with you to sell more valuable items that you do not want to throw away or giveaway.


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